FIFA Laws of the Game



    1. FIFA Laws of the game, Alberta 8v8 rules and Alberta 7v7 rules apply, except as modified by tournament rules.

    2. All teams can consist of a maximum of 20 players, unless permission is given by the tournament. Should you play an ineligible player, your team will automatically default.

    3a. U9 teams are classified "A", "B" and "C" .

    3b. U11 through U19 Teams are classified as "II”, "III” and "IV”

    "II” Tier 2 – Teams that challenge for Tier 2 Provincials

    "III” Tier 3 – Teams that challenge for Tier 3 Provincials

    "IV” Tier 4 – Teams that challenge for Tier 4 Provincials

    *Teams that wish to play in a higher age group or tier than currently registered must first register in their current age group and tier, and then email tournament organizers to discuss tournament placement – email Casey at [email protected] 
    **No team will be allowed to register in a lower age group or tier, at special request you may be allowed to play up an age group but in a lower tier
    ** Tournament organizers reserve the right to adjust tiers and age groups as needed to provide balanced pools or ensure teams are competitively balanced. Sometimes this may result in combining tiers or ages to create the pools for the tournament
    4. Players are only permitted to play on one team for the tournament

    5. OVERAGE PLAYERS: From time to time teams will request and be granted special permission to include up to 3 overage players on their roster. If your team has been granted permission for overage players to join your team, you must ALWAYS abide by the rules of overage players.

    • Over-age players are not eligible to be guest players
    • Opponent must be made aware of overage player(s)
    • Overage players will only be eligible to play if special permission has been granted by the AFC Summit Cup Tournament, and said players are included on the submitted official roster.
    • Please remember over-age player permission is a privilege and can be revoked by the tournament committee if abused

    6. All teams will be required to submit an official provincial team roster at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament. Out of province teams will also need to submit a copy of their travel permit.

    7. Teams will be allowed to play a maximum of four guest players for the tournament. All guest players must come from the same district association unless permission is given by the tournament director. All guest players must be properly registered for the current season.

    • All guest players must come from the same or lower age/tier as the team they will be playing for
    • All guest players must be clearly indicated on the tournament roster and game sheet
    • Guest players can not increase your roster size
    • You must provide the guest player’s team roster as well as a signed consent letter from their coach
    • Over-age players cannot be used as guest players
    • It is the responsibility of the team officials to know and understand all rules for using guest players, any team found to have played an ineligible player with forfeit the game
    • Proper identification and proof of age must be provided if requested

    8. Tournament games will be played on a round robin format in each group if possible. Points awarded as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss, no bonus points for a 0-0 tie. The winner of each group will be the team with the most points. You will be able to find the specific format for your pool on the website.

    9. Each team will play a minimum of 3 games. Each game will consist of two equal halves - U9 games will be two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time, all other games will be two 30 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time. In the event of the fields being closed due to weather the games will be decided by penalty kicks or coin flip.

    10. In the event that two or more teams have the same number of points at the end of round robin play, the following procedure is used to determine a winner:

    2 Way Tie-Breaking Procedures
    3 Way Tie-Breaking Procedures
    1. Head to Head
    1. Fewest Goals Against
    2. Fewest Goals Against
    2. Most Goals For
    3. Most Goals For
    3. Penalty Kicks
    4. Penalty kicks

    Kicks from the mark Procedure (only applies to playoff games): Five shooters first, then if still tied it goes to sudden death. Kicks from the mark are to determine placing only; no points will be awarded in shoot-out. All playoff games need to have a result, if tied at the end of regulation time then it proceeds directly to kicks from the mark. See attached for full procedure.

    11. Game sheets will be provided by the coaches at each game. Pre-filled game sheets are available for download in the coach's member area once schedules are live. All game sheets must be filled out with the team names, coaches’ names, date, time and location of the game. The score, any cards given and referees names must also be included on the sheet. Game sheets will be left with the referee at the end of the games.

    12. Coaches are not to enter the field of play unless invited by an official. Coaches should only be coaching within their half of the field and within a few a yards of their technical area.

    13. Substitutions shall be allowed at a stoppage in the game at the referee’s discretion. Coaches must have substitutes ready at the centerline of the field before requesting a substitution, 3 substitutes only per stoppage for U11 and up, U9 teams are allowed to substitute unlimited players at the referees discretion. Players leaving the field of play should leave at the nearest boundary line. Players must wait to enter the field of play until exiting players have left the field.

    14. If there is a conflict in jersey color with the other team the home team is required to change their jersey.

    15. If there is a conflict with either of the teams and the referees jersey colors the teams must provide a pinnie or suitable alternate referee jersey.

    16. The home team is to provide 2 game ready balls.

    17. Each team must provide 1 person to assist the referee as a linesman.

    18. All teams must arrive at the field 20 minutes prior to the start of the game and the game clock must start on time. Any team that cannot field 5 players for U9 and U12 and 7 players for U14 and above at 5 minutes in to game time will default the game (score = 3-0). If the game is defaulted players and coaches may use the field for the duration of the time but referees are not to stay on field. Games shall end no later than 5 minutes before the next scheduled game on that field. The tournament organizers reserve the right to shorten game times if needed.

    19. Any team that fails to complete a match or leaves a match without having been directed to do so by the referee or tournament official shall forfeit the match.

    20. There will be no refunds for teams that drop out of the tournament after the tournament deadline. Once schedules are posted, it is the responsibility of the team to watch for edits and updates to the schedules as the schedules are subject to revisions.

    21. All referees are ASA certified or equivalent and are assigned by the tournament. Their decisions on their interpretations of the Laws of the Game are final.

    22. In the event that a player receives a red card, they will be suspended for the balance of the game and one additional game at minimum. The exception to this is DOGSO. Two Yellow cards to a player in the same game will result in the player being suspended for the following game. Any team receiving three red cards may be suspended from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Discipline Committee. All cautions and ejections may be reported to the team’s home association and Alberta Soccer Association.

    23. If a team is protesting a player’s eligibility, the game must be played in its entirety first. The team then has thirty minutes after the game to lodge its protest in writing at the tournament trailer at Monklands Fields. No other protests will be accepted. Field Marshals DO NOT HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO ENTERTAIN PROTESTS. If the protest is upheld, the team will be awarded the game by a 3 to 0 margin.

    24. PLEASE NOTE: FOUL OR ABUSIVE LANGUAGE TOWARDS REFEREES, PLAYERS, COACHES AND TOURNAMENT STAFF WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the tournament. The team is responsible for the behavior of its players, coaches and spectators. Any coach receiving a dismissal may be suspended from the tournament at the discretion of the Discipline Committee. All cautions and ejections may be reported to the team’s home association and Alberta Soccer Association.

    25. Coaches/managers suspended by ASA/ADSA/EMSA/CMSA and/or any other cooperating associations are not allowed in the tournament as a team official. The team is welcome to participate.

    26. Tournament Organizers reserve the right to move teams within pools.

    27. There will be a sports photographer at the tournament and any pictures taken may be used as promotional material for the tournament.

    Penalty Kicks - The coach picks the first 5 shooters from the players on the field at the end of the game

    Please make sure you have a clear understanding of DETERMINING THE OUTCOME OF A MATCH pg 87 to 90 in the 2018/2019 FIFA Laws of the Game

    Kicks from the penalty mark Kicks from the penalty mark are taken after the match has ended and unless otherwise stated, the relevant Laws of the Game apply.

    Procedure Before kicks from the penalty mark start

    • Unless there are other considerations (e.g. ground conditions, safety etc.), the referee tosses a coin to decide the goal at which the kicks will be taken which may only be changed for safety reasons or if the goal or playing surface becomes unusable
    • The referee tosses a coin again and the team that wins the toss decides whether to take the first or second kick
    • With the exception of a substitute for a goalkeeper who is unable to continue, only players who are on the field of play or are temporarily off the field of play (injury, adjusting equipment etc.) at the end of the match are eligible to take kicks
    • Each team is responsible for selecting from the eligible players the order in which they will take the kicks. The referee is not informed of the order
    • If at the end of the match and before or during the kicks one team has a greater number of players than its opponents, it must reduce its numbers to the same number as its opponents and the referee must be informed of the name and number of each player excluded. Any excluded player is not eligible to take part in the kicks (except as outlined below)
      • A goalkeeper who is unable to continue before or during the kicks may be replaced by a player excluded to equalize the number of players or, if their team has not used its maximum permitted number of substitutes, a named substitute, but the replaced goalkeeper takes no further part and may not take a kick

    During kicks from the penalty mark

    • Only eligible players and match officials are permitted to remain on the field of play
    • All eligible players, except the player taking the kick and the two goalkeepers, must remain within the centre circle
    • The goalkeeper of the kicker must remain on the field of play, outside the penalty area, on the goal line where it meets the penalty area boundary line
    • An eligible player may change places with the goalkeeper
    • The kick is completed when the ball stops moving, goes out of play or the referee stops play for any offence; the kicker may not play the ball a second time
    • The referee keeps a record of the kicks
    • If the goalkeeper commits an offence and, as a result, the kick is retaken, the goalkeeper must be cautioned.
    • If the kicker is penalized for an offence committed after the referee has signaled for the kick to be taken, that kick is recorded as missed and the kicker is cautioned.
    • If both the goalkeeper and kicker commit an offence at the same time:
      • if the kick is missed or saved, the kick is retaken and both players cautioned
      • if the kick is scored, the goal is disallowed, the kick is recorded as missed and the kicker cautioned

    Subject to the conditions explained below, both teams take five kicks

    • The kicks are taken alternately by the teams
    • If, before both teams have taken five kicks, one has scored more goals than the other could score, even if it were to complete its five kicks, no more kicks are taken
    • If, after both teams have taken five kicks, the scores are level kicks continue until one team has scored a goal more than the other from the same number of kicks
    • Each kick is taken by a different player and all eligible players must take a kick before any player can take a second kick
    • The above principle continues for any subsequent sequence of kicks but a team may change the order of kickers
    • Kicks from the penalty mark must not be delayed for a player who leaves the field of play. The player’s kick will be forfeited (not scored) if the player does not return in time to take a kick

    Substitutions and send offs during kicks from the penalty mark

    • A player, substitute or substituted player may be cautioned or sent off
    • A goalkeeper who is sent off must be replaced by an eligible player
    • A player other than the goalkeeper who is unable to continue may not be replaced
    • The referee must not abandon the match if a team is reduced to fewer than seven players
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