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2019 AFC Summit Cup – Referee Information

Game check-in/pre-game: Referees will NOT check rosters and player cards prior to games. Referees WILL inspect the players and make sure they are safely equipped (age-appropriate shin guards, no jewelry, no hard casts or splints etc). Wrapping of casts will not be permitted. If there is a dispute on eligibility of the player please play the game and send the teams to tournament headquarters immediately after.

Game sheets – The coaches will provide one game sheet at the start of each game. All team staff must be listed on the game sheet in order to be on the coach’s side of the field, the exception would be a bench parent who is the same sex as the team if all coaching staff is the opposite sex. Center referees must return the game sheet to the folder at the tent (marked with the ADSA flag) at each field or the trailer at Monklands as soon as possible, to be input into the scoring system.

Balls - The home team shall provide two game balls for the match. The referee shall determine if the game ball is acceptable. Referees are not responsible for chasing balls and should consider using only one game ball for each match.

Assistant Referees - will be assigned when available and may be inexperienced. Referees should make AR duties clear, encourage the ARs, and emphasize communication as a team throughout the entire match. If you do not have two tournament provided referees as ARs the teams have been advised that a parent AR is required.

Match Length:
 All U9/U10 games will be played with a continuous clock - two 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime period. All U11 and up games will be played with a continuous clock - two 30-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime period. Do not add time or extend time for any reason during any matches. Game schedules are tight, so starting on time is critical. Teams are expected to warm-up off the field ahead of the scheduled game time. Ties will stand unless you are notified by the tournament of otherwise (semi-final or final only).

Semifinals/Finals only:
 In case of a tie in a Semifinal or Final match, overtime periods will NOT be played. The game goes directly to kicks from the mark in accordance with FIFA, using only those players who were on the pitch at the end of regulation time. Please ensure to communicate this with the coaches and allow a final substitution.

 A team shall forfeit a match if it (1) fails to field the minimum required number of players by 10 minutes after scheduled game time, (2) fails to complete a match, (3) leaves the field during a match without being directed to do so by the referee or a tournament official, or (4) causes a match to be abandoned by the referee. Any team forfeiting a match must report to Tournament HQ at Monklands to determine its status. Forfeits will be awarded as a 3-0 win for the opponent.

Laws of the Game:
 FIFA/CMSA rules shall apply with the following modifications: Unlimited substitutions are permitted for U9/U10 (7v7) age brackets at any stoppage, for all other age groups 3 substitutes are allowed to enter the field at any stoppage. Substitutions for either team or both teams will be made at the midfield line with the consent of the referee. Substitutes may not enter the field until the player they are substituting leaves the field via any boundary line. “Quick kicks” and “quick throws” are generally encouraged. If a team appears to be using over-frequent substitutions as a delaying tactic near the end of the game, the referee may ignore excess substitution requests.

Red Cards: An adult must escort a sent-off player to the fan side, to be supervised by parents or some other adult. Therefore, if there is only one coach or administrator present, another adult should be brought to the team side, so there will be no delay in restarting the game while a sent-off player is escorted around the field. Any coach or spectator that is dismissed from the game must leave the site and sound of the field. All cards must be recorded on the game sheet. Any misconduct/dismissals must be clearly documented on the reverse of the game sheet and the tournament Referee Director must be notified ASAP about these so they can be handled by the tournament discipline committee.

 The referee will record each team’s score and any cards/injuries on the game card and promptly return it to the tent marked with the ADSA flag or the trailer at Monklands.

 Only one referee will be assigned to U9 through U12 matches and all coaches are to provide a “club line” on each side. For U13 and up if possible, all 3 referees should wear the same color uniform. If your game has only one AR please have each team provide a “club line” for one half of the game.

Water Breaks: Should the temperature at the field exceed 30 degrees Celsius the referee is to have a one minute water break half way through each half.

Sporting Behavior:
 All players, coaches and spectators are expected to show good sporting behavior at all times. Failure to do so may result in team disqualification. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and fans. We have a zero tolerance policy in place for FOUL OR ABUSIVE LANGUAGE TOWARDS REFEREES, PLAYERS, COACHES AND TOURNAMENT STAFF. If you feel a coach is misbehaving you may dismiss the coach from the field, if they continue the abuse or refuse to leave the field you are to abandon the game and seek out tournament staff support at your location.

Other: If a game is temporarily suspended due to weather, field conditions or any other situation, each head coach must check with tournament HQ for further instructions. Decisions on suspension of games due to thunder will be made by the referee at the field, all other game suspensions or cancellations will be made by tournament staff. Please help out the less experienced referees at your location to ensure we are following the Extreme Weather Policy. If you call a game due to thunder you must report to the field captain at your location as soon as it is safe to do so. Please note the time and the score at the time of the suspension.

Field Mentors/Marshals 

· Overview the fields and answer any questions regarding the Laws of the Game from referees and coaches.

  • Are not expected to intervene on calls within the game but may advise of corrections or mentoring points following a game.
  • Deescalate any coach or spectator issues that are bringing the game/tournament into disrepute. If they cannot diffuse the situation the person or persons will be asked to leave the field by the field mentor/marshal
  • Record their name and any discipline they are part of on the game sheet
  • Assist the referees with misconduct reporting when relevant.
  •  The tournament director will determine which side of the field is for players/coaches and which is for spectators. Nobody may be positioned behind the goals.
  •  Officials are paid by cheque to be sent out after the tournament.
  •  There will be water available at every field for your convenience. There will be snacks, water/Gatorade and available at the Monklands trailer.
  • There are tournament coins for you which can be picked up over the weekend at the Monklands trailer

· Are not expected to tolerate any disrespect or abuse from any player, coach or spectator regardless of the issue.

Other Information –

· No tobacco use or dogs are permitted at any game location

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