We have switched things up a bit this year and will be hosting Keeper Wars! Schedules will be released around the same time as your playing schedules.

What is Keeper Wars?

  • Keeper Wars is a 1v1 tournament specific to goalkeepers
  • Each keeper plays in one half of the field defending their goal while trying to score past the opposing goalkeeper
  • Keeper Wars is enjoyable for goalkeepers of all genders and ages (U9-U15)
  • Games are short but very intense; a goalkeeper is likely to face more shots in a 5-minute game of Keeper Wars than a typical match
  • Here is a video of what it could look like

What do I get from the day?

  • Minimum of 3 matches lasting 5 minutes
  • Play against other goalkeepers from your age group
  • League Format so all the keepers get same game time (+ a potential final)
  • The chance to become a Keeper Wars champion in your age group
  • Prizes for the winning goalkeepers
  • Challenge yourself against other goalkeepers from various leagues


  • Keeper Wars is a 1v1 distribution game designed for goalkeepers both boys and girls of all ages
  • Field size is approximately 30 yards X 20 yards which is divided in half by a mid-line
  • A goal sits on each end-line (goal size is 7’ X 18’)
  • Each goalkeeper must stay in their own half of the field and they are not allowed to cross the mid line. They defend their own goal while trying to sore in the opposition’s goal by throwing, bowling, punting or kicking the ball into the goal
  • A coin toss will determine which keeper gets the ball first
  • Each goalie has 6 seconds to get rid of the ball. They may take unlimited steps in their own half of the field. When a successful save is made, play continues immediately. Goalkeepers may play rebounds as long as the ball is in their own half of the field. A goal is scored only when the ball completely crosses the goal line. If the ball goes out of bounds, play restarts by the goalie that has the rights to the ball and the play must start in their own half
  • Goalies may have helpers feed them balls during the game. The ball retrievers will stock the balls at either side of the goalies net
  • Games consist of two 2-minute halves with a 1-minute break for half time
  • The winner is determined by the goalie who has the most goals after the game is complete

Points for Games:

  • Winner: 3 points
  •  Draw: 1 point

League Format:

  • Each keeper is guaranteed 3 games during regulation and a possible final
  • The top two keepers in each league standing which accumulated the most points will face each other for the Final Championship Game
  • If there is a tie for points in the standings the tie-breaker will be determined on who has the best Goals Against. The next tie-breaker will be Goals For. If the tie-breaker still can’t be determined it will go to a golden goal penalty shoot out
  • If the Final Championship game is tied after 5 minutes the Final will continue and the winner will be determined by golden goal (first goal wins)

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